Mortgage Protection

What exactly is mortgage protection?  Well, if you’re like most Americans, your home is the largest purchase you have ever made, and the most valuable asset you own, financially-speaking.  Your mortgage payment is likely your family’s largest monthly expense, and you work hard to dutifully pay down your mortgage balance every month.

But what if you were to be diagnosed with cancer, and suddenly hit with unexpected medical bills?

What if you are out of work for several months at a time recovering from a heart attack, and can’t keep up with your mortgage payments?  What if you or your spouse passed away unexpectedly, leaving the other to shoulder the burden of the mortgage payment on their own?  These aren’t pleasant situations to imagine yourself being thrown into, but it is a risk that is important to be prepared for.

Typically, these plans are designed to pay off the balance of the mortgage should the policyholder pass away within the coverage period (typically 30 years, to cover a 30-year mortgage).  Alliance Group Gardner Division’s mortgage protection plans are unique in that they come infused with Living Benefits – meaning they don’t only pay out upon the death of a policyholder.  Our plans also put much-needed money in the policyholder’s hands if they suffer a major illness – like a heart attack, stroke, or cancer.  This money can be used to keep the mortgage bills paid in those potentially difficult financial times, and offer peace of mind when it comes to keeping a roof over your family’s heads.

At Alliance Group Gardner Division, we’re mortgage protection experts, and have helped tens of thousands of American families safeguard their most prized asset.  We’d be honored to help you protect you and yours as well.