An organization founded by former Educators to…

  •  Bring an awareness to what we believe is the biggest problem facing public school employees on an individual basis – Retirement. 
  • Act as advocates for all public school employees so that educated and informed decisions can be made about retirement.
  • Empower school employees to take control of their financial future.

We are a cause oriented company focused on preparing public school employees for a secure retirement.  After an average career of 23 years in education, the typical public school employee will retire with approximately 53% of their best 3 or 5 year salary average.

This may be the biggest problem facing public school employees today! They give their entire careers preparing our children for their future but unfortunately, do very little to prepare for their own future. Our company feels that Educators deserve a lot more.

 Many of our associates are retired public school employees and as a result we genuinely understand the needs of public school employees.  Our executive leadership consists of retired Superintendents, Central Office Administrators, Campus Administrators and Teachers.  


We believe all public school employees deserve…

  • Information that leads to educated and informed decisions.
  • Unbiased financial partners who place school employee’s needs first.
  • The opportunity to make proactive and not reactive decisions about their financial future.

The role of our associates at Gardner & Associates is crucial while helping and preparing public school employees to better prepare them for retirement and the reality of their retirement system.

Many public school employees are headed for financial hardship and have no idea it’s coming. Teaching public school employees about solutions that make sense, is key; and empowering them to take action is as equally important, while preparing and securing their financial future. 


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